Feb 5, 2024

Feb 5, 2024

Jan Ki Baat: Shaping a Future by Design with People+ai

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Sep 1, 2023



AI is the ultimate democratizer. It breaks down barriers of language, geography, and accessibility.

At People+ai, we see AI as more than just technology; it's a tool for real-world impact, a way to scale solutions to meet the needs of the many. But what does this look like in practice?

Imagine a world where technology listens, understands, and acts — not on the needs of the few, but of the masses. This is how the idea of "Jan Ki Baat" evolved.

“You need to be able to listen to the people, understand their problems, synthesize what they need and then deliver individually,” says Tanuj Bhojwani, Head of People + ai. “Just like on social media; your ads, your feed, your content is targeted to you. But governance isn't. AI can help us do that. It's that simple. It can translate. It can understand at scale, synthesize at scale, and customize at scale for the entire population.”

How can the people’s voice reach the government?

Jan Ki Baat is a practical tool designed to enhance how governments and organizations engage with citizens and customers. It uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to process and understand millions of natural, unscripted responses from users in real-time.

This approach allows for a more accurate and nuanced understanding of public sentiment, without the limitations of traditional surveys or feedback forms.

The platform offers a straightforward value proposition

It makes it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for entities to gauge public opinion and tailor services accordingly. By employing AI, Jan Ki Baat minimizes the risk of message distortion that often occurs with indirect or layered communication channels.

Facilitates open-ended conversations

Users can express their thoughts freely, without being constrained by predefined response options. This not only ensures that feedback is more authentic but also allows the AI to ask follow-up questions for clarity, mimicking a natural, human-like interaction.

Identifies trends and problem areas by analyzing response patterns

This functionality enables decision-makers to focus on issues that matter most to their constituents or customers, leading to more informed and effective policy-making or service improvements.

The development of Jan Ki Baat is grounded in principles of ethical AI use, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and data privacy. This commitment is crucial for building trust among users and ensuring that the platform is used responsibly and for the public good.

In integrating this tool into our operations, we aim to foster a more direct and efficient dialogue between organizations and the people they serve.

Collective action is the way forward

India's economic indicators, such as the growth in GDP and market capitalization, signal a thriving economic environment. These achievements highlight the nation's potential and the effective reach and regulatory capabilities of its government.

The government's reach and regulatory capacity allow for swift and wide-ranging actions — from initiating new projects to setting the regulatory environment that can foster or hinder innovation. The ability to "turn something on or off" with a simple policy change points to the government's significant influence on the economic and social landscape.

Yet, this is only part of the equation. The growth of India's economy and the complexity of its societal challenges call for more than top-down interventions. The agility of the private sector, the innovative drive of startups, the passion of NGOs, and the will of individual citizens are equally vital.

Platforms like Jan Ki Baat are crucial in this ecosystem. They provide a direct channel for collecting insights from the population, which can inform and improve government policies and actions. This approach ensures that governance is responsive and aligned with the actual needs of the community.

A future, not by default, but by design

With Jan Ki Baat, we're not just solving today's issues, we're reimagining how technology can facilitate a more democratic and inclusive dialogue between governments, organizations, and individuals. This platform is about elevating voices, understanding diverse perspectives, and crafting solutions that resonate with the needs of all, not just a select few.

We're working with an incredible team of partners, and are opening up invitations to join the first Jan Ki Baat cohort.

Your involvement can significantly accelerate our journey towards this envisioned future. By collaborating with People+ai, you become part of a community dedicated to using AI to build a future by design.

Learn more about Jan Ki Baat and how you can join the first cohort here: https://peopleplus.ai/jankibaat

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People+ai is a non-profit, housed within the EkStep Foundation. Our work is designed around the belief that technology, especially ai, will cause paradigm shifts that can help India & its people reach their potential.

Join the Community

People+ai is a non-profit, housed within the EkStep Foundation. Our work is designed around the belief that technology, especially ai, will cause paradigm shifts that can help India & its people reach their potential.