Mar 4, 2024

Mar 4, 2024

AI as a Catalyst for Health: HealthifyMe's Journey with Tushar Vashisht

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Sep 1, 2023



Our podcast series ‘Intelligence Unscripted’ features insightful conversations with tech visionaries, founders, and enthusiasts that are shaping the future of AI in India and the world.

In this episode, we speak to Tushar Vashisht, the founder and CEO of India’s leading health tech startup, HealthifyMe. HealthifyMe’s main success lies in its ability to help users bridge the gap between knowing what's healthy and living it out, providing the tools and motivation needed for sustainable lifestyle changes.

With an impressive reach that has already touched 30 million users across India, the platform demonstrates a significant shift in public health behavior.

This blog contains insights from our interview with Tushar Vashisht about how HealthifyMe uses AI and mobile technology to deliver customized dietary and fitness plans, making healthy living achievable for its vast user base.

Here’s how AI improves HealthifyMe business operations

AI technology significantly enhances HealthifyMe's operations, freeing up the team to focus on larger problems that require more intentional time and effort.


AI tools assist developers in writing more efficient code, identifying potential errors, and suggesting optimizations. This not only speeds up the development process but also improves the quality and reliability of the HealthifyMe app.


In the design department, AI helps with in creating more engaging and user-friendly interfaces. By analyzing user interaction data, AI helps designers understand what works best, leading to interfaces that enhance user experience and engagement.


AI's impact on marketing is profound, with algorithms optimizing ad placements, content personalization, and customer segmentation. This results in more effective campaigns that reach the right audience with messages that resonate, increasing conversion rates and user retention.

Strategic planning

AI-driven analytics provide deep insights into user behavior, market trends, and operational efficiencies. These insights inform strategic decisions, helping HealthifyMe stay ahead in a competitive market by anticipating user needs and industry shifts.

Here’s how AI improves the HealthifyMe experience for users

At HealthifyMe, AI forms the backbone of their strategy to deliver personalized health solutions. HealthifyMe continuously evolves its platform to offer more intuitive and user-friendly health solutions. Here are some of the innovative features that stand out:


The 'Snap' feature allows users to simply take a photo of their meal. They use AI to analyze the image to identify the food items and calculate the nutritional content, including calories, macronutrients, and more.

Imagine you're having a plate of mixed salad with various ingredients. Instead of entering each item manually, you just snap a picture. The AI feature recognizes the ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and dressings, and instantly provides you with a detailed nutritional breakdown.

This feature simplifies the tracking process, making it more likely for users to stick to their health goals by reducing the effort required to log meals.

AI Coach Ria 

Ria is an AI coaching tool that understands user preferences, health goals, and patterns to deliver customized fitness plans, dietary suggestions, and motivational support. It can answer health-related queries, provide workout recommendations, and even adjust plans based on user feedback.

If a user reports feeling bored with their current workout routine, Ria can suggest new exercises tailored to their fitness level and preferences. Similarly, if a user craves a specific cuisine, Ria can propose healthy recipes or food choices that satisfy the craving without derailing their diet.

This tool aims to replicate the empathy and adaptability of a human coach while providing the scalability and personalization that only AI can offer. This means users get real-time, tailored advice and support, making their health journey more engaging and effective.

The human touch in healthcare

HealthifyMe recognizes that technology can augment but not replace the nuances of human empathy, motivation, and accountability.

Empathy and understanding

While AI can mimic empathetic responses, the depth of understanding and genuine connection a human coach offers is unparalleled. Users often find comfort in sharing their struggles and achievements with someone who can offer real empathy and understanding.


Personalized encouragement from a human coach has a profound impact on motivation. The coach's ability to read between the lines, understand emotional states, and offer words of encouragement tailored to the individual's needs is something AI is still far from replicating.


Users are more likely to stay accountable to their health goals when they know a real person is reviewing their progress. The prospect of discussing their achievements and setbacks with their coach adds a layer of responsibility that purely AI-driven interactions lack.

HealthifyMe blends AI efficiency with human touch, ensuring users receive the best of both worlds. Coaches use AI insights to understand user behavior better and tailor their coaching methods, making the human-AI partnership a cornerstone of HealthifyMe's approach.

HealthifyMe’s future projects

The HealthifyMe team is working on several future projects to further enhance the platform's capabilities:

Integration with wearables

Future updates may include more seamless integration with various wearable technologies, allowing for automatic syncing of fitness data like steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns, enriching the user's health profile for even more personalized advice.

Community features

Recognizing the importance of social support in achieving health goals, HealthifyMe plans to expand its community features, enabling users to connect, share experiences, and motivate each other in their health journeys.

Global expansion

With a vision to healthify the world, the company is looking to adapt its platform for international markets, considering cultural dietary preferences and languages to make HealthifyMe a truly global health companion.

The premium on dreaming

"The pace of innovation is suddenly going to exponentially increase. There'll be a proliferation of lots of content and opportunities...there'll be like a billion service providers and 999 million of them will be AI-powered," shares Tushar Vashisht.

This surge in innovation underscores the necessity for entrepreneurs to discern quality amidst an overwhelming quantity of new offerings, ensuring they remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market. He encourages founders to embrace this shift, suggesting that the future will favor those who can dream big and innovate creatively.

For entrepreneurs hesitant about integrating AI into their operations, Vashish offers a clear directive: "If you haven't, please start taking it very seriously." He views AI not as a fleeting trend but as a fundamental shift that "is going to massively revolutionize your industry. It'll shift the balance from executors to dreamers. Dreaming will therefore be on premium."

Watch the full interview with Tushar Vashisht on Intelligence Unscripted for more insights, strategies, and predictions for AI and health tech. Our podcast 'Intelligence Unscripted' features conversations with tech visionaries and founders to unpack how AI is shaping our present and future for good.

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People+ai is a non-profit, housed within the EkStep Foundation. Our work is designed around the belief that technology, especially ai, will cause paradigm shifts that can help India & its people reach their potential.

Join the Community

People+ai is a non-profit, housed within the EkStep Foundation. Our work is designed around the belief that technology, especially ai, will cause paradigm shifts that can help India & its people reach their potential.